Sheffield has written a book on family-friendly sugar swaps!

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Get some great tips in our online guide for feeding your family for less and see if you can make your budget go further. You’ll find some fab recipe ideas, clever swaps, useful shopping tips and extra resources to support you throughout the year.

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Feed your family for less book

Sugar swaps – how to avoid the worst offenders

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Coffee shop flavoured hot chocolate with whipped cream

23⅓ tsp

Swap suggestion

Low calorie hot chocolate sachet

made with milk or water

1⅓ tsp

Ice-cream milkshake

14¾ tsp

Swap suggestion

Carton of no added sugar chocolate milk

2⅓ tsp

Bottle of Cola

13½ tsp

Swap suggestion

Fizzy water

with no added sugar cordial or a sugar free fizzy drink

⅓ tsp

Energy drinks

6¾ tsp

Swap suggestion

No added sugar cordial

with fizzy water, or sugar free fizzy drinks

⅓ tsp

Based on approximate quantities; taking an average from a collation of popular brands and supermarket product