10 of the highest sugar fizzy drinks (per 500ml)

We know too much sugar can lead to all sorts of health problems, such as tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. But, we’re a nation that loves sugary fizzy drinks - the average person consumes over 200 litres every year – and they are one of the worst sugar offenders. Some popular brands contain as much as 12.5 teaspoons of sugar in one 500ml bottle – that’s the same as eating a big piece of cake!

Here’s how the fizz in your fridge stacks up:

  1. Mountain Dew 66g (16.5 tsps)
  2. Cherry Coke 56g (14 tsps)
  3. Pepsi 56g (14 tsps)
  4. Red Bull 55g (13.5 tsps)
  5. Monster Energy 55g (13.5 tsps)
  6. Coca Cola 54g (13.5 tsps)
  7. Fentimans Cherry Coke 39g (9.5 tsps)
  8. 7up 35g (8.5 tsps)
  9. San Pellegrino 24.5g (6 tsps)
  10. Irn Bru, Dr Pepper, Fanta, Lilt 24g (6 tsps)

This is not a definitive list. Information is based on research using a specific popular drinks selection – Jan 2020.

How can you cut down on high sugar fizzy drinks?

The best thing you can do is only drink water or milk, but that’s not always realistic, especially if you’re used to drinking sugary drinks on a regular basis. Try to reduce your intake gradually by setting yourself small goals. Start by cutting down by one, then two, then three drinks per week. Some families choose to have one or two days a week where sugary fizzy drinks are off the menu. If you still need a hit of your favourite fizz, choose diet or low-sugar varieties. Small steps make a big difference.

If you still need a hit of your favourite fizz, you can always choose diet or low-sugar varieties. Small steps, like simple sugar swaps, make a big difference.