Recommended daily limits of added sugar for children

It’s good to know how much sugar is in the food you eat. But, how do we know if we’re eating too much of it? This is Public Health England’s maximum recommended daily limit of ‘free sugars’ by age group.

Age Daily limit in teaspoons Daily limit in grams Equivalent to (approx.)
0-3 years old 0 0g Fruit, veg, milk
4-6 years old 4.5 19g 50g frosted flakes
7-11 years old 5.5 24g 1 doughnut
11+ years old
(including all adults)
7 30g Half 500ml bottle of cola

‘Free sugars’ are the added sugars found in food or drinks, such as biscuits, chocolate, cereals and sugary fizzy drinks, as well as natural sugars found in honey, syrup, fruit juice and smoothies.

Natural sugars found in milk, fruit and vegetables don’t count towards this limit.

Typical amounts in common foods and drinks
500ml Sugary drinks 13.5 tsp
45g Chocolate bar 5.5 tsp
1 dollop of ketchup 1 tsp
1 doughnut 5.5 tsp