How to get your hands on a copy

The Sheffield Family Guide to Smart Sugar Swaps is available at Waterstones, Amazon and selected independent bookstores in Sheffield. We want to make sure all families can benefit from this book.

That’s why we’re running a Buy-One-Give-One free scheme. For every copy you purchase, we will give one away for free to someone in the community. Free copies of the book will be available at local community centres, schools and libraries across Sheffield.

Order the book here

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Get a sneak peek at some of the recipes

We don’t want to give everything away, but here’s a first look at some of Sheffield’s ideas for lunchboxes, snacks, mealtimes and weaning. Printable versions of these simple meals are available on our recipe page.

Lunchbox Wraps Frozen Yoghurt Bars Vegetable Soup Carrot and Beetroot Purée

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