We’re excited to announce the launch of our new advertising campaign for Sheffield is Sweet Enough! You may have noticed our colourful posters appearing on phone kiosks and bus shelters around the streets where you live. It means our important low-sugar messages are now right out in the heart of the community for everyone to see and act on.

Sugar campaign 1

Our campaign has three key sugar messages

We worked with local people to discover the three main concerns over sugar. You told us there was too much confusing information around sugar; were unsure how much sugar was in certain foods; and were keen to have more information on cutting back with healthy alternatives. This formed the basis of our campaign headlines.

Sugar campaign 2

Sugar! Is my family having too much?

Should we be measuring in grams, teaspoons or sugar cubes and what’s the maximum amount our families should be eating each day? Our website includes some simple sections that cover off the recommended daily allowances per age group and offers advice on the best way to read food labels and measure sugar to make sure you keep within a healthy range.

Sugar campaign 3

Sugar! What’s hiding in my food?

Did you know even ‘healthy’ snacks like fat free yoghurt are guilty of having too much sugar? The second main message of our campaign aims at educating people about the amount and type of sugar hiding in certain foods. You’ll find a full list of the worst offenders in terms of fizzy drinks, sugary drinks, snacks and cereals on this website.

Sugar campaign 4

Sugar! I’d like to make some healthy swaps!

Once everyone knows which foods to limit, they need the tools to make some healthy changes. In the ‘sugar and your health’ section of the website you’ll find ideas for healthy sugar swaps for babies and toddlers, children aged 4-6, children aged 7-11, older children and adults.

Sugar campaign 5

The new ad campaign uses the same graphic style as the Sheffield Family Guide to Smart Sugar Swaps, which is on sale in Sheffield Waterstones and other independent bookstores. We are still running a Buy One Give One offer, which means we’ll gift one to another family who otherwise might not be able to afford one. Pick one up if you haven’t already and look out for our campaign on a street near you!