A helping hand

Whether you’re a family, school, community or business – there are lots of different ways to help reduce sugar.

We have created some promotional and educational materials to help support this mission.

Below is a list of the items available, simply click the box to select and submit your email address at the bottom of the page to download.

You can select multiple items.

Feed your family for less – Resource pack

Together with Eat Smart Sheffield and Live Lighter Sheffield, we’ve put together a helpful information pack full of easy healthy recipes and top tips for saving money in the supermarket and reducing your families sugar intake.

School Assembly Plan

Ask pupils to design and deliver an assembly that explains what the school can do to keep help Sheffield eat less sugar.

Why not use this at home too, and present a sugar assembly to the whole family?

Sheffield Sugar Detectives Lesson Plan

Our sample lesson plan about the biggest culprits for too much sugar and get ideas to bring it to life.

It can also be a perfect addition to home schooling or a fun activity to pass the time on at home.

Activity Sheets

Our activity sheets can help kids identify high sugar foods and drinks with ideas for healthy swaps. These can be used in conjunction with our lesson plan.

Sheffield Home Work Letter

Distribute our letter to parents which asks them to download the Change4Life app and set homework that encourages children to use it.

Sugar-Free Actions Certificate

Reward little ones with a certificate for learning about sugar and reducing their intake.

Sweet Enough Posters

Print these and put on display in your waiting room, staff canteen or communal kitchen.


Print a few and hand out to patients or leave a few on display at an event to be picked up.