A helping hand

Whether you’re a family, school, community or business – there are lots of different ways to help reduce sugar.

We have created some promotional and educational materials to help support this mission.

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Feed your family for less

Get some great tips in our online guide on feeding your family for less and see if you can make your budget go further. You'll find some fab recipe ideas, useful shopping tips and extra resources to support you in the colder months.

Activity Sheets

Our activity sheets can help kids identify high sugar foods and drinks with ideas for healthy swaps. These can be used in conjunction with our lesson plan.

Sugar-Free Actions Certificate

Reward little ones with a certificate for learning about sugar and reducing their intake.

Sheffield Sugar Detectives School Assembly

Teachers can host this fun and interactive assembly to share information on sugar. Suitable for KS1 or KS2 pupils.

Why not use this at home too, and present a sugar assembly to the whole family?

Sheffield Sugar Detectives Lesson Plan

Download our sample lesson plan about the biggest suspects for too much sugar with ideas to bring it to life. It can also be a perfect addition to home schooling or a fun activity to pass the time at home.

Sheffield sugar detectives pupil presentation

This pack contains all you need for five pupils to deliver a low-sugar presentation to the rest of the class or another year group.

Sugar advice for parents

Help parents of nursery and school-age children learn more about sugar in this informal session to be delivered during coffee mornings. The presentation contains everything you need to pass on, from recommended daily allowances to tips on identifying high sugar items.


Hand out these flyers to parents to share more information about the Sheffield is Sweet Enough initiative and how to get a copy of our recipe book, the Sheffield Family Guide to Smart Sugar Swaps.


These leaflets can be handed out by schools or local businesses who have an interest in reducing sugar intake, from nurseries to dentists. They contain some fun games for kids and useful information about sugar.

Sweet Enough Posters

Print these posters and put them up in your work kitchens, canteens or communal spaces. These eye-catching posters feature a QR code with low-sugar recipes to download.

Social Media

Share information on sugar and spread the word about the Sheffield is Sweet Enough initiative with your social media network.

Sheffield Home Work Letter

Distribute our letter to parents which asks them to download the Change4Life app and set homework that encourages children to use it.

Beat Sugar Bingo

As an employer it’s important to take care of your staff’s health. Encouraging healthy habits can help to prevent stress, create a positive working environment and reduce absenteeism. Try our Beat Sugar Bingo game in your workplace!